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Are you tired of getting caught up in the never-ending paperwork and administrative tasks that come with running a business? We have the perfect solution for you! 🀩

Save money , time and focus on the core of your business by outsourcing PRO & admin services

With our services, you can save valuable time⏰, cut unnecessary costsπŸ’°, and focus on what truly matters – the core of your business!

Launching your business in the UAE is an exciting journey, but it can also be overwhelming when it comes to handling corporate obligations. That's where we step in! Our team of experts will handle all your PRO & admin services, ensuring that your daily operations run smoothly without any hindrances. 🌟

So why waste your precious time and resources on administrative tasks when you can delegate them to us? Let us handle the paperwork while you focus on growing your business and achieving your goals! πŸ“ˆ

Company Services

  • License Renewal

  • Lease Renewal

  • Establishment Card Renewal

  • E-channel Renewal

  • Company Insurance Renewals

  • Legalization of Company Documents

  • Amendment of Company Structure:

    – Transfer of Shares

    – Increase of Shares

    – Change of Manager

    – Change of Officers

    – Downgrade/Upgrade of Facility

    – Office Sharing Permit

  • HR consultancy

Employee Services

  • New, Renewal and Cancellation of Visa:

    – Investor

    – Employee

    – Dependents

    – Servants

  • Driving License Conversion

  • Legalization of Documents

  • Assistance in Translation of Documents

  • Salary Certificate

  • Tax Resident Certificate

  • End-of-Service Calculations


OWNERS SOLUTIONS DMCC is here to assist you with any business administration needs

gold crest executive tower , cluster c , office number 1501 , Jumeirah Lake Towers , DMCC Free zone , Dubai , United Arab Emirates P.O.Box 338574